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On request, we can offer security services for companies, security for transport, logistic, intelligence on the ground, operational support, close protection services, evacuations, evacuation plans, risk assessments, and task forces!


WODAN INTERNATIONAL is a German Risk Management company for comprehensive security solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of consulting, management, and security services. From risk analysis and management to physical protection, from crisis management to specialist training and from technical security management to evacuations and exfiltrations, we provide first-class service oriented holistic security solutions.

Wodan International has been operating nationwide since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. In the first few weeks after the outbreak of war, Wodan International was the first European team to operate across the country, conducting extractions and evacuations from combat areas.

We have advised international corporations, implemented a CMT for comprehensive crisis management, and carried out numerous operations successfully. International corporations and organizations have used our services because they did not have their own forces in the country, or the right network was missing.

One of the operations became known to the media as it involved the evacuation of a newborn from the contested areas near Kyiv. There will be a detailed report on this.

Through a personal protection mission in Ukraine during the war, Wodan International has also taken on the protection of Ukraine’s former first lady, high-ranking American politicians, and private individuals who have traveled to the devastated Bucha and Irpin, as well as other cities and areas in Ukraine, for humanitarian assistance visited Ukraine (e.g., Chernihiv). As part of the visit, Wodan International employees were also part of the personal protection for the former President of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, who formally thanked the two managers of Wodan International for making this possible through the protective measures.

In August, Wodan International wrote and implemented the evacuation concept for training civilian evacuation workers in the eastern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia and trained the trainers on-site. This mission took place in cooperation with the Dutch NGO Dorcas, the mayor, and various state institutions. Wodan Internationale took over the entire conception and training and created the evacuation handouts in two languages, which will be distributed to the entire civilian population over the next few weeks.

Wodan International specializes in risk and crisis management and offers suitable solutions for companies, organizations, and authorities / government organizations.

Due to the current global geopolitical situation, Wodan International offers tailor-made crisis management solutions that include prioritized evacuation services and mobile risk management.

After the evaluation and evaluation, the experiences from the last six months are already being incorporated into official training and courses and prepare emergency services for changed deployment factors and situations.

Wodan International CEO Ralf Kassner




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