Mike Levy (Assault Dynamics)

IG: Knockoutlights

Video: 3 different ways to interact with the trigger.

Mike Levy

Assault Dynamics

IG: Knockoutlights

3 different ways to interact with the trigger.

Rather than diagnosing the target, lets diagnose which of the 3 examples appears least disruptive to your shot.

Example 1 puts you at the wall after every shot since you are resetting the trigger under recoil.

Example 2 is simply pressing the trigger without any efficiency at all.

And example 3 is pinning the trigger to the rear after each shot then resetting and firing as one process (or as JJ Racaza calls it, “click banging”).

Eliminating trigger finger disruption is the primary way to increase your speed while still maintaining accuracy.

– Mike Levy, Assault Dynamics

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Video by Mike Levy, Assault Dynamics