What is TNVC SuperGain?


SuperGain is the latest image intensifier tube technology from L3Harris, and is one of the most significant evolutions in Generation 3 night vision systems and performance since the introduction of Unfilmed technology and available only at TNVC.

Manufactured by L3Harris and distributed by TNVC, SuperGain Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes increase the Luminance Gain (Gain) specification for image intensifier tubes from the standard 40,000-80,000 fL/fc to between 100,000-120,000 fL/fc greatly the image intensifier’s ability to amplify and collect light, resulting in a noticeably brighter image with increased low light performance and extending operational envelope and ability to see into dark areas.


Many consumers, both government and commercial, have been focused on Figure of Merit, or “FOM” (Signal to Noise Ratio multiplied by Center Resolution) as a metric for image intensifier performance and image quality, with manufacturers pushing the envelope of performance through improved methods and processes, Luminance Gain is typically set by the manufacturer.

Since Gain has typically been set by the manufacturers and is relatively stable, its importance to image intensifier performance has often been lesser discussed when talking about image intensifier performance.

Gain and FOM are not independent when discussing the overall performance and quality of an Image Intensifier Tube–increasing the Gain on lower performance tubes can lead to increased noise in the image, which is why it has previously been limited.

It is only due to recent advancements in Image Intensifier performance and consistency that the military specifications for Gain have been able to be increased.

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