GTI Government Training Institute: An extensive review

GTI: Tactical Training Facility in Barnwell, South Carolina

Over 200,000 square feet of buildings
Multiple CQB – CQC structures
Live fire – explosives range, scalable up to 300 yards
800 yard sniper range
135 foot tall sniper tower

Review: GTI Government Training Institute in Barnwell, South Carolina


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GTI Government Training Institute: An extensive review

GTI Government Training Institute: A massive training complex in the heart of South Carolina

GTI is a massive training facility in the heart of South Carolina, equipped with complex structures for a wide range of tactical training – from scenarios of daily police work to challenging training for military Special Operations Forces.

Founded in 2003, GTI is a place you should visit at least once if your job is somehow related to police work or military operations.

Let’s take a look at the GTI training facility.


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GTI: An overview of the structure, buildings, terrain

This is the GTI main building.

The center of GTI is the main training facility.

It is a nine stories industrial building, that can be used for a wide range of tactical scenarios and challenging CQB classes.

Let’s wander around a bit, there will be a lot more to discover at GTI.

The facility has a huge terrain and offers several individual shooting ranges and training grounds, including a second building.

A thirteen stories industrial building for tactical training

This is the thirteen stories industrial complex of GTI.

The building and its surrounding area are a perfect setup for nearly every thinkable scenario that could happen on similar sites and in urban areas all around the world: hostage rescue, assault training, and counter-terrorism training.

The industrial character of the site can be used to train complex incidents or to create highly stressful conditions for the participants of a training class.

Training with helicopters and including a variable number of teams is possible.

GTI N.E.S.T. Sniper Training

This part of GTI’s training facility is also home to the unique GTI N.E.S.T. Sniper Training:

GTI’s Non-conventional, Elevated, Sniper, Training (N.E.S.T.) program is specifically designed for law enforcement tactical teams who may be required to operate in urban and/or rural environments.

GTI N.E.S.T. include a 135 foot/10 floor sniper training tower which gives our students the opportunity to learn to shoot from high angles, which is one of the most important skill sets that a modern, urban sniper must be familiar with.

Think scenarios such as shooting from the top of tall buildings in the middle of a city to shooting from the top of a sports stadium!

The GTI Sniper Range

And this is the outdoor sniper range of GTI.

The sniper range stretches over 800 yards (expanding out to 1200 yards).

Here, you will meet snipers from all branches of military and law enforcement, regularly.

Not bad, eh?

GTI has its own lake that can be used for training scenarios: A 50-Million Gallon Water Structure, capable of Helocast Operations!

This photo gives a good overview of the area, and how it is zoned into individual training grounds.

Tactical Driving and Vehicle Assault Training at GTI

Oh… wait… there is more…

Take a good look at this:

The roads in the area are available for diver training!

At GTI you will find 1.5 miles of driver’s heaven!

If you ever wanted to participate in advanced driver training that meets even the highest special operation standards: This is your place!

On the roads of the GTI terrain, you can train every thinkable scenario that involves vehicles.

Ambush scenarios, counter-ambush vehicle tactics, counter-terrorism training, common scenarios of law enforcement, and advanced driver training for special operations and close protection services.

Short: At GTI you can train for everything that involves driving and all kinds of vehicles.

But, now let’s get back to the main building!

CQB Training in the main building of GTI

The GTI main building is where the “fun” begins… the nine stories industrial complex is a perfect place for CQC training.

The building serves a training facility for LE SWAT and Military SOF units to train complex scenarios, hostage rescue, CQB, and assault tactics – both inside and outside the building.

And if you want to include a helicopter for your training: No problem!

Inside the building, you will find challenging CQB structures.

The industrial nature of the building offers a vast variety of possible scenarios and CQB training opportunities.

Night and day!

The complex can be used for training at night but the building also allows low light and no light training during the day…

… 24/7 night vision training!

Do you want to train room entries, advanced CQB tactics, and hostage scenarios? The GTI team can set up every thinkable scenario for teams of all sizes and from all branches of the military and US law enforcement.

Even the worst and most stressful scenarios like large-scale attacks, terrorism involving toxic gas, biochemical weapons, or buildings on fire can be simulated here.

And if you need more than one helicopter: Can be arranged!

GTI has multiple certified helipad – MH53/CH47 capable – helicopter landing zones.

Four stories rappelling towers

GTI offers four stories rappelling towers for individual training.

Courses can be part of a SWAT Unit training or booked individually.

Including fast rope arms breaching doors and windows!

Of course, GTI has classrooms for seminars and teaching the theoretical aspects of LE/Military work.

GTI: Location, Routes, Traveltime

GIT is located in Barnwell, South Carolina – in the middle of the area between Columbia, Charleston, and Savannah. Route 278, 78, and 301 are close.

Local hotels in the Barnwell area offer comfortable overnight stays at reasonable prices.

My GTI Review: Conclusion

GTI is a one-of-a-kind facility for tactical training, with impressive buildings, a huge terrain, countless training opportunities, and a team of instructors with a level of real-world combat experience, that will be hard to find somewhere else.

GTI is, without a doubt, one of the best and most versatile training facilities worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to GTI’s team to learn more about upcoming SWAT training courses and individual possibilities for state agencies or military units.

About training for civilians: GTI offers civil firearms training for law-abiding citizens and self-defense classes at their facility under the label GTI Legion.

GTI is also a host of The Tactical Games and offers several times a year events for long-range shooting and competitive events open to civilians.

You will find the official GTI training schedule here – click image:


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Photos by GTI Government Training Institute and Dave Young