The Symposium continues to grow as the premier Breaching event of the year where vendors, operators and subject matter experts all have the perfect platform to meet, share debriefs of actual operations, explore medical evaluations about blast pressure and learn about the newest industry products and tactics.

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The 2022 International Breachers Symposium was a massive success with attendees from 17 nations in attendance. The first two days included a trade show and exceptional speakers covering operational breachers, medical and scientific issues, and EOD robotic support for tactical teams.

The event closed out with a massive day at the range with mechanical, thermal, ballistic, hydraulic and energetic demonstrations and practical workshops for the attendees.

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More about the International Breachers Symposium

Alan Brosnan, TEES

Dual United States / New Zealand Citizenship
Secret Security Clearance (Active)

In 1998, myself and Rus Hart, Major USMC (retd) and owner of Rapid Entry System Corporation, were working on contract for the Department of State’s Anti-terrorism Assistance Program in Baton Rouge, LA.

One night, as we were drinking a beer in a tiny jazz bar, Rus suggested that we should combine our efforts in order to host an International Breachers Symposium. The aim of that symposium would be to bring breachers from around the world together in order to make our job description safer and more productive.

The next day we called our good friend Steve Mattoon who, at that time, ran the breaching and tactics program for Hydrocut International. Within five minutes, we agreed to push forward with this venture, hence the creation of the International Breachers Symposium.

TEES, REST Corporation and Hydrocut International agreed to rotate the symposium between the east and west coasts annually.

The structure of the symposium has been time tested and proven to be successful in achieving our key objective of the transfer of productive information via subject matter expert speakers, a mission specific trade show and numerous range demonstrations.

In 2013, the Symposium was restructured and renamed.

TEES (Alan Brosnan) and MIL-SWAT Tactical (Steve Mattoon) formed an independent company named International Breachers Group which now hosts this special event.

Steve and I want to personally thank Rus Hart for his innovative thinking, John Gnagey (former Executive Director) and Mark Lomax (current Executive Director) of the NTOA for their support over the years and also the many vendors who have supported us in the professional development and execution of this critically important event.

Lastly, thanks to the thousands of personnel from the United States military and law enforcement communities as well as our fellow professional breachers from approximately 25 countries worldwide, who have and continue to support us year after year.

It is “you” the user who is the focus of this special event and we wish you all the very best for continued success as you serve your respective units and countries.


Alan Brosnan | TEES
Steve Mattoon

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