With over 830 acres and 12 ranges including four insane long ranges and the coveted 1-mile shot, Colemans Creek is a popular spot for tactical training and long-range shooting.


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Coleman’s Creek: Long Range Shooting and Tactical Training

With over 830 acres and 12 ranges including four insane long ranges and the coveted 1-mile shot, Colemans Creek is a popular spot for tactical training and long-range shooting.

Located in the heart of central North Carolina, this secluded location offers shooters and trainers a unique opportunity to hone their skills in a real-world environment.

With its challenging terrain and varied elevation, Colemans Creek provides military personnel with an ideal place to train for combat operations.

Opened in 2020 with the intent to bring the finest shooting terrain to the East Coast, Colemans has been actively building and improving its ranges each year.

Located in Ellerbe, North Carolina, it is about an hour and a half drive from both Raleigh and Charlotte, and about an hour from Fort Bragg, making it a convenient location for many people in the Southeast.

The property has 12 different ranges, that cater to various types of weapons and training.

These include:

#1- 100 meter Zero Range: Paper. Shoot from bench or prone under the overhang

#2- Pistol Only Range with overhang and turf firing line: 10-40 meters with an assortment of static and falling steel

#3- 50 meter Flat Range for Pistol, Carbine, and Shotgun: 5-50 meter paper targets

#4- 300 meter/325 yards Carbine Range: 100-300 meter targets, stretch distance into further ranges or work positional movements at closer targets

#5- 700 Meter/765 yards Long Distance Range: steel targets, use this range to increase distance or work positional movements at closer targets

#6- 1 Mile Range/1760 yards with overhang, new turf, and props for positional shooting: Targets at 100 meter- 1 Mile.

#7- 1,200 Meter/1,310 yards Long Distance Range with overhang, shooting deck, positional props, and benches: Narrow and full of opportunities to test data

#8- 800 Meter/875 yards Long Distance Range: Known as “the wilderness”, this range has a wide fan enabling a lot of variable target placements. Great for transitions, talk-ons, and positional shooting on props. PRS barricade, tires, 4×4, cattle guard

#9-#12- Four -270 degree flat range bays for dynamic firearms training; 3 at 50 meters and 1 at 25 meters. Shoot Pistol, PPC, AR Pistols, Carbine, or Shotgun. Perfect for dynamic shooting scenarios or training for 3-gun, 2-gun, or pistol competitions

In addition, there are riding trails, wilderness, and a large pond on the property that can be used for water operations training. Coleman’s Creek is truly a one-stop shop for all your tactical training needs.

Colemans makes the ideal training facility

Clients who use Colemans Creek accomplish more in less time.

With expert tactical training instructors, they customize the curriculum to meet and exceed your training needs and operational tempo.

If you are looking to do your own training, Colemans offers a facility lease option as well.

Training capabilities:

Range fans that allow aerial platform shooting
Near/Far ambush live fire lanes
React to ambush dismounted and mounted live fire lanes
Movement to contact live fire lanes
Break contact live fire lanes
Vehicle live fire ambush lanes
70 miles of ATV, side-by-side, dirt bike, and UTV trails (Toyotas, square vehicles, and other non-standard vehicles allowed)
Sniper live fire stalk lanes
The facility provides everything to conduct a Level 1 sniper course except moving targets at this time
Surveyed DZ & HLZ

Colemans is planning to build cabins for lodging and larger meeting space soon, but currently has a clubhouse with a small classroom and break area that can be used by clients.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and the property is well maintained. The military can also take advantage of camping in the wilderness.

Colemans also offers public and members-only access

Colemans is also open to civilians, as a members only shooting club, and open to the public for classes and competitions.

The Club at Colemans is approaching its capacity and will be capping memberships soon.

They offer monthly and annual rates starting at around $600/year.

Active duty military will receive a discount. Members receive unlimited use of the ranges and facilities every day it’s open, discounts on classes, guest passes for a fee, and first access to some of the finest training around with dedicated instructors on staff.

Unlike many other ranges, Colemans includes a spouse and children under 21 at no additional charge as well, so it works well for families that shoot together.

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